Use a little challenge to bring the team together!


Get the team together and start building relationships in a fun and exciting way.  The only way to escape on time is to work together – what a great team building activity!


Whether it is a birthday celebration with friends and family or that extra-ordinary bachelor/bachelorette party.  Why not do something unique this time and book an escape room?

Choose Your Next Adventure

Grape Escape Napa has three rooms to choose from.  For groups, you can rent out 1, 2 or all 3 rooms for your large group events.  Call us and we can help you get your next group event organized!


You’re invited to come play in this amazing luxurious steam punk vessel named after its benefactor “The Kraken”. Come seek your riches or succumb to your ruin. The Kraken would love to drag you into depths of the mysterious abyss.


Navigate your way through your long lost Uncle Tick Tock’s Circus where there is a great prize waiting for you. In order to prove your worth, Uncle has set up a challenging puzzle to solve and claim your secret prize.


Mankind is on the verge of extinction. It’s finally happened, they unleashed the unthinkable. Sickness and death all around. Death inevitable but not final. Versions of our previous selves hungering for the flesh of the living. Can you and your team save the scientist and save the world?


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