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BIRTHDAY PARTIES and Special Occasions

Whether your group is treasure hunting in The Temple, averting the Captain in the Kraken Casino, or solving the mysteries of the Circus room, your guests talking for weeks about how cool your party was!  We have done wedding proposals and anniversary occasions where our guest want to add a special present or note during the game.  We are happy to help make your occasion even more special just give us your thoughts and we will see if it’s something that we can accommodate.  We love to have fun with our guests and try to make your special occasion even more special.  

Birthday Groups 10 and under – not recommended.

We do not recommend parties for children under the age of 11 as our rooms are designed for 14 years and older. Our goal is to make your kids and thier parents fans of escape games and not frustrated beyond belief.  However, if you have a child that is 8-10 then our games can be fun if played with older players who can take the time to engage and enlist the child’s help. We absolutely encourage younger players 8 and up to play with other older family members and especially Mom and Dad. Kids have surprised their parents by the things that they can solve but when in a group all things go out the window.  Waivers will need to be signed by one adult.

Birthday Groups 11-13 years old 

If you are hosting 11 -13 year olds we recommend our Mini Game in our Tick Tock Circus room.  Tick  Tock Circus can play up to 6 kids and one adult. One adult must play with the kids to help keep them on track.  You can easily book online by clicking the book now button on the Tick Tock page for times and availabilty.  You will only be able to pay for 6 players online so we ask that you make a note that you would like to play the Mini version of this game and that you will have one additional player if needed for whom you can pay for the day of arrival.  Our Temple of Razum and Kraken Casino rooms do not have a mini games as of yet.  So if you would like to have a birthday group we recommend at least 2 adults in these games to help the kids with all of the puzzles.  Waivers will need to be signed by one adult.

Birthday Groups 14-17 years old

Groups of kids that are over 14 can play by themselves but these rooms are not easy and will challenge this age group so they may not escape.  We still recommend one adult in the room to help keep the game moving forward and keep the kids on task.  We have found that kids in groups can be easily distracted and unorganized which makes it really hard to complete tasks.  Our goal is to make your kids fans of escape games but that means that they have to know that they will be required to read, pay attention to details, use logic and reasoning skills and be challenged.  An escape room isn’t jump scares, random button pushing or breaking into things.  So if they are not prepared to tackle the rooms with thier brains then you should definitely reconsider an escape game for their special day event.  We recommend Uncle Tick Tock Circus (6 players) for first time players and especially for this age group.  But feel free to take on the challenges of the other two rooms as well just know you may need more hints to escape so don’t be afraid to ask.  We want you all to have a GRAPE time here and enjoy our games.  Waivers will need to be signed by participants.

Birthdays and other Special Events 18 and over (Groups over 8 players) 

Our 3 immersive rooms can hold up to 22 players total.  We will divide your group up between the rooms randomly and start them off at the same time for some friendly competition.  We are happy to move rooms around on Friday and Saturday but it will be for an additional private booking fee.  Birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, or  another special occasion, we have you covered. Let the Grape Escape help you make your party GRAPE! Due to covid and the size of our facility we no longer offer our space for private events with food.  We do however offer our space to be private just for your group if over 14 players for an additional private booking fee. 

If you are booking for a group of 8 or under please go to our home page and click the “Book Now” button for a current listing of room times and availabilty.  Then follow the prompts to book your room.  All rooms are now private so you will not have to play with any strangers.  Please make a note in the note section of the booking with the name of the special birthday guest and if you want to add what birthday we will be celebrating as well.  We will do our best to make sure that the birthday guest feels special. If you are celebrating a special occasion tell us about it in the note section as well.

Fill in the form below with your details for groups over 8 players which will require more than one room  and one of our Grape Escape event staff will contact you.

A private booking guarantees the room of your choice for your group only, based on availability.  You may book up to three rooms for your party depending on availability.

Private parties for groups over 14 players may be booked outside of our normal business hours and on days that we are closed to the public (Tuesdays & Wednesdays) based on availability.

Our Escape Rooms are designed for players over the age of 14. Participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied inside the room by one adult per group at all times.

Events are not reserved until payment is provided in full.

We accept all major credit cards and cashiers checks.



Complete the questionnaire below and someone from our event management team get back to you with additional information, pricing, and availability.

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