Uncle Tick-Tocks Circus


Are you worthy of Uncle’s priceless treasure which he left for you only on the occasion that you solve his crazy puzzle? Prove yourself and uncover what the greatest showman has hidden.

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Welcome one and all!  Come see and be marveled by the mystery of the circus world.  Clowns, acrobats, Circus animals and more.  Can you solve the mystery and win the ultimate prize.   Are you of keen mind and spirit to evade the pitfalls of the circus life? Will you be a puppet or the puppet master? Will your team make it in time?  This will be a topsy-turvy adventure that will keep you on the high wire of life.  Life is a Circus will you enjoy the show? Difficulty 3/5 Medium 60% Escape Rate # OF Players – 2 – 6 players.  This game is private. Ages –Tick Tock’s Circus Room is designed for 14 years old and up. Younger players can play but if under 18 an adult must be a participant in the room at all times. The puzzles can be challenging and are designed to test adults.  If your party will have children under the age of 14 we recommend checking out our alternative version, Tick Tock’s Circus Mini! By adding in the note section while booking this room that you would prefer Tick Tock’s Circus Mini. This version does not remove puzzles but alters them for much younger children (ages 6-10) to comprehend the wording along with the adult. If you have any further questions please call or email us. All parents of participants under the age of 18 will be required to fill out and sign a waiver upon arrival.  Waivers can be found at the bottom of the QUESTIONS Page.