Save the more you bring!

What is Staggered Pricing?

The more people you bring the cost per person decreases hence you save more the more you bring!

Price Per Player

2 Player – $45 per person                 Total $90

3 Player – $43.50 per person           Total $130.50

4 Player – $42 per person                Total $168.00

5 Player – $40 per person                Total $200

6 Player – $38 per person                Total $228.00

7 Player – $36.50 per person           Total $255.50

8 Player – $35 per person                Total $280




Please note Tick Tock’s Circus Minimum players needed is 2 and maximum is 6 while the Kraken Casino and Temple of Razum minimum is 3 and maximum of 8. Minimums of the room must be paid even if less players are going to be participating. Payment is needed to reserve your spot. For those who want to add players you can play for the player  upon arrival. Please KEEP NOTE the maximum of the room. For Pricing for parties more than 8 players please fill out a group event form for some friendly competition fun! Please refer to questions for questions concerning general, tickets, age, etc or contact us for more help.

Fees are on us so you only pay exactly what you see!

Take a look at what others have to say!

“Our team consisted of two enthusiasts and two newbies, and we all had a great time doing Uncle Tick Tock’s Circus. There were plenty of puzzles in the room to keep us occupied so there was never any standing around wondering what to do next. The puzzles themselves were varied and well presented. The game master Tanner kept a close eye on us without being intrusive, offering clues but not forcing them upon us. The design and decoration was fun and colorful, and I recommend to anyone who either enjoys escape rooms already, or feels interested in beginning.

P.S. Easy to combine this with lunch or dinner with plenty of eating options right there on the same complex, and a bunch more just a few blocks away.” – Dave Fellows

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